Instance#1 Ragefire Chasm

I try not to let my writing about big passions become overly indulgent, as it surely bores the pants off everyone but me. I’ll admit that this weblog is about 80% for me, and 20% for my adoring public, but that 20% drives commonsense and says “don’t write about your frustrating piano practise last night, yet again” – and so I don’t. Even if I’m tempted to. So, I’m hesitant to reintroduce a topic I’ve blogged about before, but my excuse is that I’m announcing a new collection project: TO COLLECT A SCREENSHOT AT THE COMPLETION OF EACH WORLD OF WARCRAFT DUNGEON INSTANCE – to prove I have done it. Because it can take many weeks between instances, folks won’t be swamped with pics, and other topics can still bob up a lot, hopefully. This project will take more than one year, and a great deal of hours logged into the game. For example, for Ragefire Chasm – the first instance in the game, you need to be around character levels 13-18 to do it. I was 16, and my total game time played to that point was 21 hours. At the time of writing, there are 27 instances. Ragefire Chasm requires 5 people and took me about 4 attempts on various nights, because the groups I tried it with were either too underpowered/underskilled and gave up half way or didn’t have enough time to finish it. Tonight’s memorable moments were: * The Priest (healer) in the group left 1/3rd of the way through leaving 4 of us. * This turned Kim (Finin the Shaman) into the new group healer, which she didn’t need to do a lot because.. * We had a level 21 troll hunter (who had a lion which helped) who was in a big hurry and he mostly knew what he was doing, except.. * He would occasionally hit the bad guys that I’d cast a sheep spell on (making them harmless), which would then make them attack us. All in all a great learning experience, even though it was done a little quicker than we would have liked. The other two group members left within seconds of us defeating the last Boss (Bazzalan), so I struggled to take a quick screenshot with the right zoom factor. I’ll be better prepared next time.
Or, click here for a bigger shot.