Instance#3 Blackfathom Deeps

Even though we joined a WoW Guild with a big range of character levels, it’s a bit depressing when you’re the lowest level character online nearly every time you login. So, I’ve resigned myself to using a Pick Up Group (or PUG as they’re called) of random strangers on a regular basis, because there are so many quests where you simply need some more manpower to survive. Tonight I had a wonderful PuG of only 4 people and we steadily pounded our way through another instance. It seemed at Level 27 I was one of the lowest in the group, and so whenever nice items were dropping from the bosses, I seemed to get them because the others didn’t need them anymore. So in a single night I re-equipped 2 blue items on my character, one of which were the fierce sounding Naga Battle Gloves. Not a lot more to say about tonight – the only silly highlight was: * Everyone in our party failed to make the jumps across the stones in the water, and had to retry. Kim failed her retries a few times, so I volunteered my services. It’s what husbands do sometimes. So, another screenshot for the record. The final boss Akumai is a huge Hydra who was really quite easy thanks to my overspec’d party – a guy enigmatically called ElegantBeer and a lass called Eugenia. It was a solid 2 hours and 3 beers worth, and it’s great to have it ticked off now. Plus I levelled to 28 along the way.
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