Instance#4 and #5 Shadowfang Keep and the Stockades

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it’s fair to say that a lot of my waking time this week (on hols!) has been spent thinking about collecting another WoW instance screenshot or 3. To the point where my character has completely stalled in gaining eXPerience as I plot my next plundering spot. Last night, emboldened by a successful Shadowfang Keep expedition with Kim and a few other over-qualified types (thanks Eugenia and ElegantBeer once again), I noticed fellow guild crusader, Lionstone ask if someone wanted a quick run through the Stockades in Stormwind. I yelled a quick “me me!” and followed behind, whilst he romped along in front, knocking them down. If you know anything about WoW, you would realise that I was getting an easy ride. I’m not always quite the purist that I’d like to be, but do have some standards – I make sure my first time in each instance is not a total cakewalk. It was my 4th time in the Stockades, so I feel fine about asking an American from Pensacola, Florida, but currently tenured in a U.S aiforce base in Korea to assist me for 30 minutes, during his downtime.
Lots of stairs and lots of confusion – especially when Arugal teleported just before dying. Click here for a bigger shot. Sometime during the Stockades run, I noticed my PC was displaying pictures with a smaller colour palette. I can only assume I was running out of memory and my XP operating system decided to drop me down for the greater good. What was on my screen was very ordinary, but maybe the screenshot will be pristine – here goes (I aint seen it yet).
Yikes, look at those blocky cobblestones. Click here for a bigger shot.