The things you watch on holidays

Getting a little bored with the usual ABC on TV after tea, Kim took me to one of those trashy girly flicks at the Esperance Cinema on a windy cool night. We’d bought some Nannygai at a local co-op during the afternoon, and fried it up in flour in the confines of our cheap arists cabin. Shortly after I’d sheepishly paid for tickets to The Devil Wears Prada, the owner questioned our need to bring takeaway food into the cinema. After the customary earnest replies, WE REALISED WE STUNK OF FISH. Thankfully the cinema had a total of 5 people, who stayed well clear of each other. I could hardly stop looking at Anne Hathaway, so it was a quick 90 minutes, although predictable. Meryl Streep was positively evil, and speaking of evils I just realised I have made another taboo movie/TV post, which I always said I wouldn’t do.