Instance#6 Razorfen Downs

Late on Saturday night (probably too late really) I read a fellow Guildmate say that he was going to “run someone through RFD”. My heart leapt. This is code language for “I’ve got some guys who need help to get through the dungeon. They have no idea how to do it, and I can grab my level 60 character and be a total god in a level 38 dungeon, and do it in an hour (instead of their three).”
Click here for a bigger shot. A little while ago I had decided to slightly relax my personal rules for how I would approach dungeons. I didn’t want someone to come along and make it TOO easy. I needed to feel the pain of some wipes (the whole group dying) and needed to discover first hand just how awful and ingenious the bosses of the dungeon were. But, no-one around my level would readily assist, so before I knew it, I had been corrupted. So, all four of us travelled through The Barrens and made it in. Aden took us around a corner in the cave to the right and then he dropped down off a ledge to the left (wanting to clear the way below). Instantly about 20 bad guys swarmed him, and one of the bosses must have smelled the low ranked noobs up top, because he flew up the ramp after us. So, we all jumped off the ledge to avoid him but we were smashed up by the beasties down below. From there on, it went smoothly as we wound our way up the spiral ramp and took down the lady boss at the end. She summoned a minion but Azen had things well in control and before long, she was just a shining orb of a corpse. I’m really going to have to start taking more notice of the baddies in these fights because I have no recollection of them days later – skeletons maybe?