Indonesian windup

For someone who spent two whole weeks in Indonesia, I have surprisingly little to say about it. I guess it was mostly a work trip, and that was my mindset a lot of the time. I wasn’t particularly adventurous in anything. I didn’t buy any souvenirs (except for Matt at work, who cherishes Oil Industry paraphenalia) or T-shirts (I have enough of those), and even my wife copped only a single pair of earrings.

The one shot of Jakarta traffic that doesn’t contain 200 motorbikes coming from every possible angle. Organised chaos!
I did eat a lot of the local food, and whilst it was very tasty, I missed silly things like some vegemite on toast for breakfast. For some reason this time of the day is the one where I resort to bland(ish) comfort foods, so thank goodness the hotel had great muesli. I just couldn’t come at spicy stuff at 6:15am. So, I had plenty of Nasi Padang, (a fiery Chinese Yum Cha equivalent with probably a lot less hygiene) and Nasi Lemak until I was sick of rice and went for noodle dishes like Mei Goreng because I knew I wouldn’t cop peanuts in that. I ate chicken necks in chilli but passed on the cow brains in sauce. There were so many soups on offer (despite the climate) but I was not as tempted as I would be in Melbourne at this time of year.

School kids exercising at 6:45am before lessons in Cepu.
On the whole, it really is a wonderful place to visit – providing you don’t mind 2 hour traffic snarls, and a stack of black smoke from the most trashed and dilapidated public buses you’ll ever see. The people were just delightful, and I found the language an unexpected pleasure. If Kim flys again, I’d be happy to come back.
Swags of bird cages shops (and locally caught birds for sale) in Cepu.