Maybe some travel coming

During some after-work drinks at the Mitre Tavern last week, I must have mentioned to Ash that maybe we should go overseas and travel for a bit. When Kim was unable to make it on the recent Ayers Rock flight, I was pretty ok with it, as we’d discussed her fear-of-flying and a possible bailout a lot beforehand. All holidays that include her are WAY SUPERIOR, but at the same time, I’ve been itching to go and see bits of Europe that I missed in 1987 for awhile now. I no longer have the independant streak necessary to go it alone, so the obvious choice was Ash. He seems keen too. At the same time, friend Dave from Columbus starts throwing around emails suggesting exotic events like a road trip to Canadian football’s Grey Cup in Montreal 2008, and I’m beginning to wonder what possibilities there might be. So, I need to write down the sort of things I’d like to do, and see if I can muster the required excitement levels. For unknown reasons I have found it harder in recent years to get enthused about travel, unless it’s to go to a specific event. Am I losing my once bountiful curiosity? Is this what working for a large corporation and playing lots of computer games does to you? Amsterdam is a must – and not for the reasons you might imagine. France and Portugal/Spain/Italy are high on the list because I’ve never been there before. I imagine the Zoch will be keen on Germany due to his heritage, and I’m all for it, given the great beer there. I’m unashamedly going to quaff every beverage going round. Perhaps when I look at what the costs are, it’ll be a reality check, but right now, I think it’s going to happen. Our mortgage is looking really well under control for once. Oct/Nov 2008 maybe?