Dodging cars in Greenway Plaza

I made it to Houston for work earlier this week, and it has been quite a nice surprise in lots of ways. Here are a few that immediately spring to mind: * It’s actually really green and lush. * There are stacks of non-barbeque restaurants all over the place. * These same restaurants have good food. * The people are extremely friendly and welcoming. Even bus drivers talk to you. * The workplace is all Ikea with blonde wood, loud colours and functional furniture. Most meeting rooms are equipped with touch screens, wall-to-ceiling world maps and 8 world clocks, tea rooms have 4 blends of coffee brewing continously, and icemakers are in every fridge. * You really do need a car in this town, but the bus system is functional and is not frequented by drug addicts and scary folk. * The nearby neighbourhoods are unbelievably affluent. For some reason most houses in these areas sport dual gas flames in lanterns on either side of the front door. Bizarre. * Suburban bars look more like run-down corrugated iron sheds (without windows). * As per usual I wish to state that I could easily live here. Typical houses are less than $200k AUS. Well, that’s it for tonight. More later..