There has been some skirmishing

For awhile we’ve been arguing warring discussing what would be a nice chair to stick in our bay window in the bedroom. Modern houses are typically huge and so are the chairs in most of of the shops. I wanted something low and narrow and proportioned to fit the room. For Kim it was about soft fabrics, comfort and sun streaming in over her shoulder whilst she read a book. To complicate things, one of the dogs would probably sleep on it (on a pillow), so it couldn’t be too “perfect” – or else dog paws or licking would spoil.

We went on our yearly trip to the Tyabb Packing House on the weekend, and as soon as I saw it in the small Deco section, my heart jumped. I knew Kim would be keen, as it was a little like an old chair we had 10 years ago. Many hundreds of dollars later it was in the back of the Subaru. We both just love it and have no plans to recover it – the fabric is 80 years old and exudes charm.