Read two terrible books

Two books have lain unreviewed on my desk for weeks now. They are both barely worthy of one – the first (Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford) is a seemingly a pyschology student’s PHD submission, or an earnest attempt at a remake of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance with lots more rhetoric and general dullness.

The other (The Day I killed my Father by Mario Sabino) evoked what I felt after reading The White Tiger earlier this year – (is this the theme of 2008/9 or what?)  after presenting a destestable person whose sins you are expected to forgive and forget by the end of the book. Soooooo Tony Soprano and I’m over it! 2 stars for both.

In a fit of disgust I’ve gone back to agonizing Sudoku puzzle books and to a crime novel to freshen me up. I’m a bit worried that I haven’t given a good positive book review in months and that my Warcraft life is sucking the reading pleasure out of me. I’ve still got some good books in the pile so there remains hope for 2009.