Mid 60s is still young isn’t it?

About 10 days ago, Kim’s mum passed away after getting lung cancer earlier in the year. Only a month ago, my dad started getting dozens of sharp stabbing pains underneath his ear which regularly brought tears to his eyes. This seems to have been nullified by some medicine, but mum called last night to say he’d been hospitalised overnight due to a 175 heartrate, and they think they might have saved him from a heart-attack. Apparently he has Pleuresy also, plus a few other miscellaneous things. Kim’s dad has an excess-iron problem, no energy and seems quite down after being forced to retire from truck-driving; this year, mum’s had a knee replacement, DVT in one leg and low blood pressure scares. 

I find myself shocked by the sequence of events which has seen all 4 of my “parents” (despite being only in their mid-60’s) having hospital visits in recent months. I’m worried for them all, and I find myself thinking of them far more often, which is exhausting. I hope things improve for all.