Why I am still playing WoW

It’s just over a year since Kim and I rolled a Horde character each and joined <ten> on Khaz’goroth and I am still battling away most nights of the week in some form or other. Although I’m in a smaller guild than before, which is less active on forums and in guild chat than I’d prefer, the players are mature and the Guild Leaders have a great attitude. They even made me a team leader last week.

At the moment I’m working heavily on “the Insane” title, which I am finding exhilerating and challenging at the same time, and I’m about 30% done. My biggest problem seems to be finding Pristine Black Diamonds at reasonable rates (i.e < $100 gold), but otherwise the grinding for Shendra’lar and Steamwheedle Cartel factions has been very bearable. Having this 4-6 month goal in front of me has given me a real spark and I look forward to finding those Auction House librams for bargain prices several times each day. It’s been a huge boost to have an Alliance character to scan for me also.

And the negative stuff you ask? Well, we recently lost our awesome Raid Leader to burnout and I have been quite devastated about it. The replacements are terrific people, but it’s fair to say they’re not in the same league, and I find myself unexcited about gear upgrades and general raid content partly because we haven’t run a 25 man raid in weeks, but also because I’m preoccupied with the Insane project. It seems like lots of people are going through a WoW lull right now; perhaps the glory days are over. There’s pretty much only 1 Feral Druid blogger still out there, so I feel like I’m losing touch with the top DPS tactics that I was so aware of previously.