Legal watering

Water restrictions are just a fact of life around these parts. We talk about it all the time; we even have websites and Iphone apps dedicated to it. Three years ago we had to abandon most of our vegie garden because we couldn’t keep the asian greens, carrots, tomatoes, rocket or basil alive in spring/summer. We ended up putting in tough stuff like oregano, rosemary and (my favourite) sage, which have thrived, but there’s nothing like salad ingredients in the hot months. Hence our new rainwater tank.

Glorious water

It is surprising how expensive a setup like this is. We were warned that it would cost around $1000 per 1000 litres once we  factored in the tank, pump, concrete pad, copper piping, installing electricity into the garden, and the various attachments. Four tradesmen and 4000 litres worth later, we have a 2m x 2m x 1.1m work of art in our sideway – completely hidden from the street.

Crappy plastic fittings on brass taps - must fix that

The best thing about it so far is that I only have to turn the tap for the pump to automatically kick in and it is exactly like mains pressure. I can water anytime I like now (instead of the impossible 6am Sat till 8am Sat., which after a late Friday evening of WoW raiding was like torture, or the 6am Tuesday before work, which I always forgot).

Worst thing? After they jackhammered up my bricks and 4 inches of concrete footings to dig the trench for the power and piping, I now have to re-level and re-mortar about 40 bricks back in myself. Several of which are going to need precise cutting. Oh joy. Luckily a friendly African guy nearby sold me 50 red used ones today for 60 cents each, so at least I have the materials now. Just not the inclination.

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  1. nice, and it looks like it matches the house colour nicely too, now you just need to add some blue trim to it.

  2. Awesome stuff Darren,

    Although the cost is alot up front, a few months down the track with the convenience of water when you want it and fresh vegies will make it a worthwhile purchase ^^

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