Experiment part 2

Lets just say that this WoW week has been a humbling one – more about that later. On my Alt-experiment character, I join in on a Wednesday raid, and get whispered soon afterwards by the guild leader lady who is quite sweet in text chat, but comes across as tired and moody on voice comms. She wants me to drop out for someone else for the first boss – heroic 25 man Halfus, but then come back in for the rest of the night. I comply and stick around listening to tense tank cooldown talk on Vent, but they get it done in a couple of goes. The raid frames are going bananas so I bet the healers are screaming in agony on that fight.

I rejoin the group inside. All is nicer than I expected. People crack jokes a fair bit and the American guy in the raid with the dubious name of Thrusting is not only an awesome player (24k dps anyone?), but he is a nice fella too. They 1-shot Valiona, I check the damage meters and I have just edged out their other feral druid – whew. We sit in positions 15 and 16 out of the 17 dps. The other person disconnected during the fight. I have done 16k dps on a relatively stationary easy fight.

Ascendant Council is harder. I die a few times due to not getting onto my tornado in time, but I put it down to being the first time I have seen it. They kill it in 3 goes and I am watching and learning whilst dead on the floor. Someone takes pity and battle rezz’s me just before the end. I feel too embarrassed to bid on loot. I am not supposed to be eligible for any loot until I amass 2000 epgp points, which is the equivalent of coming to three full raid nights. We earn 30 points per 15 mins of raid time.

We finish with bad-boy Chogall. I had watched a kill video a few hours earlier so I had a basic idea what to do. I was asked to drop down to a separate voice channel…I expected to be told to drop out for someone else. Instead I am given the 1 minute summary of what to do as a melee dps. I am thrilled to be able to stay. I am very aware that a lot of people do a lot of amazing behind the scenes things and we 1 shot it. I am pretty much last on dps. I bid on the Tier 11 shoulders and then hearth out of the instance when they announce we are going to Blackwing Descent next. Someone makes the comment that if you win an item, you need to stick around. In disbelief I find that no ones wants the second set of shoulders. I embarrassingly have to fly back to Bastion of Twilight (taking 10 mins) because I haven’t completed the quest chain that opens up the portal. The raid is basically waiting on me at this point. Sigh. We finish Omnotron and end up because of server maintenance.

I am being carried.

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  1. I would feel just as bad, but really, you have carried so many people over the course of your WoW career that you probably shouldn’t stress.

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