Screams from the study

There’s been a fair deal of teeth gnashing in Scotia St. recently, as the deadline for the Pianoworld Recital#2 has neared. I’ve been reading the Adult Beginners forum for awhile now, and the people on there are generous and friendly, but some of them are far from beginners. I missed Recital#1 (too shy believe it or not), so I was determined to record something for May 15th. I tried all sort of things to stop my heart from pounding whenever I was half way through the perfect recording (booze – surprisingly I was often more comfortable, relaxed and moderately accurate with a couple of homebrews down the hatch; bananas – they supposedly have some beta-blocker type chemicals in them) but in the end, it was just an awful, traumatic ordeal. We all want perfection, but we’re not machines. So, I settled for a couple of flubs, but on the whole I’m happy. I hope Beethoven would be happy with it. beethoven.gif
You can hear it here. I wonder what the Pianoworld people will say? EDIT: 19/05/2006. Following is a listing of comments about my piece: Funburger- “dfvanden-very well played!!!” Opus45- “Darren: You know what? I for one would have enjoyed listening to the repeats. This is a fairly difficult piece to learn and play and you played it very well. I’m anxious to hear your version of Beethoven’s Sonatina in F.” TX-Dennis – “You make that old clunker sound pretty respectable. Good quality recording.” Shortcircuit85 – “Very clean, precise playing. Just like Beethoven himself!” LuigiV – “I like your sonatina in G, nice job.” mr_super-hunky – “De baan van goed. U deed een zeer goed werk met dit lied!” s54mo827 – “I very much enjoyed this piece. Wonderful job.” Seaside_Lee – “same as above but you played it well, very expressive” Balladeer – “Well you are picking this piano thing up again quite rapidly. After only a few months this is terrific!” Sandy Moore – “I was listening to this just the other day from one of my books/w CD . You did an awesome job!” IrishMak – ” Your “old clunker” sounds quite nice when you play Beethoven on it!” Monika Kern – “Your piano sure didn’t sound like a clunker to me! It has a warm buttery tone, and you did a lovely job on the Sonatina. Are you serious that you won’t ever play it again?” Monster M&H – “First off…welcome back to the piano. Nice light piece. Well done.”