Instance#2 The Deadmines

About a week ago, disenchanted by the lack of trustworthy and reliable people to play World of Warcraft with (well players that were around the same level as us anyway), I posted a plea for help in the Khaz’Goroth forum asking to find a guild who weren’t ultra serious, and who would accept low-level newcomers. A few people wrote back, but the nicest was from a chap from the Crusaders of the Flame. The terrible reality was that they were an Alliance guild, which meant our Horde characters couldn’t play with them. We waited a few more days and got no more Horde replies, so decided to start playing our Paladin and Druid characters again. It’s embarrassing to do this after not playing them for a couple of months because you forget what all your keys are mapped to, and make a goose out of yourself for the first few hours until it all comes back to you. Before long, we had our microphones working, and were chatting to our new buddies, who were largely based in Melbourne, and are mostly pretty high level, but willing to run with us through the low level dungeons to make life easier. And so tonight, this is how I found myself at the end of the Deadmines with barely a scratch to my delicate druidic torso. I’d done this instance before, so it was fairly routine, but it was still fun and I got my screenshot. Tonight’s highlights: * Shape-shifting into a bear, and whilst fighting an enemy, accidentally waving my bear bum in the face of the group leader, prompting him to tell me to move my arse (in the nicest way). * Being so rusty about my fighting style, I could barely get off a single hit before every character in my sight had been obliterated by the two other level 60 characters who were assisting. * Kim doing the instance, leaving, and then telling me she’d forgotten to pickup the head of Van Cleef (the final Boss) for a quest she had. D’oh. * Accidentally running into a portal that a Mage had cast afterwards, sending me over to Darnassus instead of Darkshire (basically the other end of the earth!). * Gaining only 65XP per hour average for the session (this is extremely embarrasing). So now I present my screenshot (#2 of roughly 27).
Or, click here for a bigger shot.

A close look at one of our party members in the large screenshot shows him to be mostly nude except for a stunning pair of orange boxer shorts. I’ll have to try that oneday. Kim and I have 6 weeks of leave that just started today, so expect some more instances in quick succession before our drive to Perth next week.