Hmmm…yes it was noisy. Rugby sucks too.

Tonight we had a bit of a guild get together at the raucous P.J O’Reilleys on what happened to be a Bledisloe Cup night. It’s fair to say it was not condusive to conversation, and for that I apologise. I’ll be more careful next time.


Still, great to put some faces to names and eat some icecream at the end.


From left: Zilentzhadow, Clendaone, EvilKinevil, Drjnr (and Sandra), Andelenne, Shamed, HawtKaellan, Diablos, Iosephus, Keiralea, Antheriel, Veldor, Qualm, Sarumian, Bridei.  Click here for a bigger shot.


7 thoughts to “Hmmm…yes it was noisy. Rugby sucks too.”

  1. I think I’m in every single other shot – it’s embarrassing. I’ll post another then (now I think of it I have a very nice photo of yourself)…

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