Loud night at the Moffs

An old schoolmate turned 41 on the weekend and I got an invite to the East Brunswick Club to celebrate. After waiting for hours to see New Estate at the Tote a few week’s back, and driving my car there, I was determined to make it a dive bomb mission – arrive 30 mins before the Moffs went on stage and leave soon after. It worked out perfectly. I even managed a few stubbies along the way.

I had some trouble finding folks at the start, but once discovered, was encouraged to come right down the front next to the speaker stack, which was deafening. My shirt had been pulsing with drum and bass vibrations from back at the mixing desk.  A pair of earplugs saved things completely. Looking around, I saw some familiar-ish faces and ran into Dave Funnell who started comparing them to early Pink Floyd and I nodded like an illiterate.

My mate Yon was agreeably toasted by this stage and compared Tom Kazas (singer) to Mr. Bean. He wasn’t far off as the band said not a lot during the show, apart from the funny “Is anyone here under 25?”. There was a wonderfully psychedelic couple up the front who I was told solo-danced to the Sand Pebbles with no one in 15 metre radius an hour before. Good on em.