Winter events

A week ago we did our usual thing – each circled some films in the Melbourne International Film Festival catalogue until we got some overlaps and then booked the tickets online. After discovering the wonderfully Swedish “Kitchen Stories” last year, it really got us in the mood to discover a new gem. So, in the end we’re up for 3 sessions – enough to keep us out of the house, but not enough to be overwhelming. The first, “5×2” was a film described as a “festival favourite”, and concerned itself with 5 chunks in the life of a French couple over a 5 year period. Only the stories were told in reverse order – so their divorce was first, and then the film just got happier and happier! It was very entertaining – lots of nudity; shots of crowded Italian beaches and evenings of dancing. My only qualm was that there was nothing to discuss afterwards except how much of a bastard and a cheat the husband was. Mind you, she did sneak in some action with an American stranger down by the lake on her wedding night! I don’t know how Kim can somehow overlook that one. I managed to get out to a few bands last week too. Ash seems to have documented them far better than I could, but the week has convinced me that never again will I sit through three full sets without an absolute skinful. I thought Ed Keupper was pretty good on Wednesday, though he suffered from some poor sound quality, which they finally got right half way through. As for International Karate at the Ding Dong Lounge – a bunch of guys playing technically proficient music, but where was the emotion? By the time Laura (another instrumental band – hint: never see two of them on the same night. Ever.) was halfway through, I was ready to walk. I guess it had been a long week at work and I was feeling the effects. Having said all this, I’m lined up this weekend for some more band action with Radio Birdman, and I can’t wait.