Arcanacon 20+ years later

Kim and I were discussing future holidays last week and it looks like a boat trip to Asia from Darwin is looking possible in 2011, so I got an idea into my head that I’d like to visit the U.S to go to a Gaming Convention of sorts in 2010. Not that I’m a huge gamer – Left for Dead makes me physically ill after 20 minutes, and I don’t own a console of any sort. It didn’t take long before a few mates were chuckling about Cosplay possibilities or about crusty old-school board gamers still playing AD&D and reading copies of Dragon (does that magazine even exist anymore?).

Some quick research and an email to the Analog Hole Gaming people pointed me in the direction of Dragoncon, PAX East and Gencon. The Dragoncon event webpage picture gallery is quite scary and I’d be worried about whether I could return to normality after submersing myself amongst all that BO and long hair.

 I wasn’t going to do this alone, so I nudged Ash, who immediately said “It would have to be Blizzcon wouldn’t it?”, and then all became clear. We are preparing our May 2010 ticket buying strategies as I speak. Kim has already got dibs on the free in-game pet – gee she’s quick. Last year the maximum online purchase was 5 tickets so perhaps we could involve a few others too.

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  1. Wow, what a chain of events that led to a decision I am dead jealous about 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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