The big list

I am happy to have broken out of a reading funk on my hols, finishing some mags, the daily paper and the good, but throw-away “Love Machine” by Clinton Caward (yes I was captivated by the front cover like every other male) and maybe foolishly beginning a monster of a work that is described as “a novel of stupefying ambition” which I will not name here for fear of looking silly if I don’t make it to page 898.

I also finished the awesome Plants vs. Zombies game on my Ipod Touch, which let me say is a lot better and faster than the PC version (if you are considering it – and you darn well should). The game trailer (below) has been whizzing around my head for days now. I liken it to the Napoleon Dynamite dance-scene, or the (spoiler) unexpected song at the end of Portal. I had a big grin on my face throughout.

As per all holidays where lounging is the main activity, I found myself making mental lists of things to either do, or plan for when I got home. And it has become a little overwhelming.

Games: Finish Pixeljunk Shooter, Bayonetta :), and play the Batman Archam Asylum and MLB 2010 demos. Try and borrow a Nintendo DS to play some Pokemon or buy one on Ebay.

WoW: Try and get to 8000 achievement points on Grenache. Start thinking about which Alt I would like to play in Cataclysm, when 10/25 mans raids are considered a single raid lockout, meaning I would need 2 characters if I wanted to do both 10 and 25 man.

House: We need some water tanks for the garden and it’s about time I got things started. More pruning to be done. Kick my sister up the arse for not watering and causing plant torture whilst we were away for 11 days.

More books:  The pile of shame is getting bigger. It’s not in my wife’s league just yet, but I’m into double digits now.

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  1. Spoiler: The spoiler in Portal is not the song. That’s just a bonus.

    Good to have you back 🙂

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