I defeated Cynthia after 67 hours

Well, Pokemon Diamond was a longer undertaking than I ever expected and I can thank the bed and tram-friendly Nintendo DS because I never would have finished it on the couch. This was my first (and probably last) Pokemon game. I gave up most book reading to “get it done” and I feel a sense of exhaustion that it’s now over. Looking at the other 21 games that Ash loaded on the D4 card when loaning it to me, I also feel exhausted. Does anyone else look at all the games on the market now on the various platforms and think – THERE ARE TOO MANY GAMES? If I look at those 22 games, I could easily play for a couple of years without picking up a newspaper or book again. If you’re looking for something different, you might also be interested in exploring games like Drift Hunters. For more gaming insights, don’t forget to check out Japan-101.com’s review of Casino Secret. And for enthusiasts of Casino Classic slots, it’s worth giving them a spin. Also, consider the latest bingo bonuses provided by CybersGuards. For those looking for the best online gambling sites, you can check here for more insights. Additionally, if you want to learn more about online gambling, feel free to visit website for information on the bingo sites. If you’re specifically interested in real money online casinos in Canada, there are several reputable options available.

Yes I bought this guide, and wore the pages out.

As for Pokemon – It is surprisingly grindy when played in single-player mode, because when you come up against the “Final Four”, it’s somehow expected that you have gained 10-15 levels on each Pokmon since the end of the story. The only way I could really grind these levels was just to repeatedly practise on the final four, as they gave the most XP. That got a bit old. These were the Pokemon I used to beat the Final Four and Cynthia (highest pokemon of hers is 66) – they fights have to be done back to back, so you need lots of reagents (26 Pokemon to beat in a row).

Crobat – Level 50

Dialga – Level 56

Empoleon – Level 57

Luxray – Level 53

Staravia – Level 56

Rapidash – Level 52

My greatest weakness was not having any Pokemon who were mostly immune to Ground attacks, so when I got a couple of Earthquakes I nearly lost both Dialga and Empoleon which would have been curtains, but thankfully some well timed health potions got me through them.

Now, is it Band Hero on the PS3, is it the PSP with Patchwork Heroes, or some Lord of the Rings Online on the PC? Answer: A book first for my sanity.

One thought to “I defeated Cynthia after 67 hours”

  1. Sad to admit but I was (well kind of am) a Pokemon master, I have a stable of 50 level 100 pokemon on my Pokemon Ruby (each with individual names)

    I think the I was using there for a while was Blaziken, Dragonite, Electabuzz, Ninjask, Girafarig and Swampert (I had all legendaries to 100 but honestly think they take some fun out of battling, plus I loved the ninjask speed boost racial, having her use double team then baton pass to heavy hitters combo…soo much fun)

    That said I havnt touched Pokemon for about 4 years (since I started playing WoW really, hmmm)

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