Instance#9 Gnomeregan

Apart from having a name which no-one can agree on how to pronounce, this dungeon is almost universally hated. And I don’t really know why. Yeah sure, you can get lost easily, but isn’t that the case in most instances? And yes, there are lots of little annoying robot sentinels around that bring masses of people swarming your way, but that’s the unique thing about it. And the jittery looking mechanical time-bombs are both cute and scary. An instance without a cave in it is a good thing for me right now.
Click here for a bigger shot. We were about to head off to bed after MC’s trivia night when the generous Tardin of Thailand asked if someone could help him go through and finish some quests for his lower level character Sholg. After his regular help in recent weeks, we couldn’t refuse, and in a refreshing reversal of usual roles, Kim and I barraged our way through, mowing down wave after wave of tiny little engineery types and mechanical robots, gulping up coins and Silk Cloth by the bale-full. So, despite dying in the final Thermaplugg encounter (hey I was just trying to heal when I should have been pressing red buttons to deactivate the bombs) it was very satisfying, and I got my screenshot. I’d done it once before, but this time we killed all bosses with only the three of us. And Ben allowed me to take the ring at the end, which was a good upgrade for me, having had no rings since about level 25.