Healing a bit of Ulduar 10

On Sunday evening, I got the fright of my life when I was asked to be the third healer in Ulduar, in what for us was “progression content”, meaning making attempts on bosses we’d never downed before. I normally am a dps (damage) class, which is arguably the least responsible role in any raid. So, it was guaranteed to be a mineral water (and not beer) night as I needed to concentrate.

Over four hours I finally got a good chance to try out my healing spells via various mouse button and key combinations, but I have to confess that I used a limited repertoire of spells. I really just wanted to get a good handle on 3-4 core heal types. I was running Recount, so I could easily check what spells the other druid was using – my plan was to offset those with some different ones.

Overall I healed nearly as much as my wife, the Holy Paladin. I kept Rejuv’s and Lifeblooms up on people, and occasionally remembered to Swiftmend them, and threw in a bunch of Nourishes in also. I wish I could say that Wild Growth was as effective – I had a hard time noticing if it even worked at all and I suspect I was out of range mostly.

In the finish we downed Freya and Hodir (both on our third attempts), and it was a big thrill for me. I picked up a ring upgrade and a lot of confidence in the process. The next morning I was still buzzing at our great achievement and I couldn’t wait to try some more healing.

I’ll have to post a screenshot of my tree in action.

One thought to “Healing a bit of Ulduar 10”

  1. heya Js (Darren), loved the healing thread as thats whats I’ve been mostly doing on Venras caelstrazs.

    Wild growth is more a oh crap spell when alot of people are taking damage for a quick boost, keep up that rejuvi and LB’s and I find that start of fights a regrowth doesnt hurt.

    Contemplating bringing my hordies over to Khaz (up to han and her awesome ret pally) as our guild is hitting the hardcore/casual raiding wall and schism that seems to happen (just play for fun).

    If we do might have to look you guys up 😉

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