Race to World First

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (hey I’ve always wanted to use that phrase even though it’s inappropriate in this case) the premiere of Race to World First was last weekend. Yeah I know it’s another WoW related film, but it is BY FAR THE BEST World of Warcraft –related documentary I’ve seen. Clocking in at 70 minutes for a $2.99 download, it follows the fortunes of U.S guild Blood Legion as they try and compete with those pesky European psychopaths in the quest to be the first team in the world to get to the end of Tier 11.


There are few huge surprises for a viewer who raids now, but it was pleasing that they included a bunch of footage of in-fighting which typifies a group of people under the pressure of being a world top 100 guild. The extensive interviews focused more on general longing to win “never give up, never give up” and motivation, rather than give away more secretive info about player poaching, financial incentives and gold buying which is common amongst guilds of this caliber. So, I was disappointed there was not more dirt dished out really.


Still, a very watchable movie which left me a little sad for those that didn’t quite make it. Apparently torrents are available for those cheapskates who want to deny the filmmakers a living.