Mclusky gig tonight

I’m feeling old right now because my ears are ringing (despite the old fogie earplugs I bought) and my clothes smell of smoke. There’s no way I’m taking my place in the marital bed without a shower and a couple of swigs of H2O. Mclusky were 1000 times better than the support bands but I still give them a 7. And a 9 for attitude. They played it pretty safe – not a single song that wasn’t on their first 3 albums, – the skeletal bass player wore a neck brace but proceeded to Angus Young his way through the gig. The crowd (including a surprising amount of rock chicks) was overwhelmingly appreciative. Ash and I were happily trapped up against the mixing desk downing Coopers and MB’s and smoking Styvos when we could. If I could pass on feedback to the venue I would tell them to let 1/3rd less people in next time, and to turn down the volume by the same amount. Old. Old. Old. 🙂