Being in the musical sweet-spot

Once in a while I find myself inside those discount CD shops that sell music for about half the normal price. They’re just the place to pick up old CD’s of mainstream bands you liked years ago, but never quite bought. There are some bands that I’ve been obsessed with for years (i.e The Fall, Pere Ubu, Mountain Goats) who are relatively unpopular, and whose leading letters I always check in the hope of a miracle. So, I’m in the place near Hosies on Elizabeth St. on Thursday for a 2 minute look, when I unearth 4 Fall CD’s for $15 each and a Pere Ubu for $10. Whoah. I’ve never seen a single one of their CD’s for less than $28 before. Then Ash turns to me and says “you always seem to find one or two in this place lately” and it occurs to me that I’m in that magical period of my life where bands I like are too old to be cool and so find themselves in bargain bins now. So I swooped. Speaking of bands, I thought I would list my current playlist. * Pavement – Crooked Rain * The Stranglers – Rattus Norvegicus and Black and White * The Unicorns – Who will cut our hair when we’re gone? * The Fall – The Real New Fall LP * Phillip Glass – The Hours soundtrack (awesome) * Dirty Three – Dirty Three (always a favourite) * The Microphones – The Glow part 2 * Low – The Great Destroyer (but I’m not enjoying it much).