Seeking the Tail

On Friday night, Ash and I decided it was band-time, so after an afternoon of drinking stout at the wake for Kim’s grandad in Hallam, I got back on the horse – downed some panadols and met Ash for drinks at POSSIBLY THE BEST CHICK PICKUP JOINT IN THE NORTHERN SUBURBS (also known as the Wesley Anne). Maybe I exaggerate – but the male to female ratios were extremely good – not that I’m on the make. But Ash is (or could be). We ended up at the Rob Roy to see a band recommended by a weblogging pen-pal. One of the great things about going to gigs and not being totally trashed is watching antics of others – in this case a young guy chummily accompanying three girls who made a 10 minute show of simulating the flashing of their boobies (including male ones) to each other amidst wild laughter whilst the Bites were playing (who were pretty good really). He was all over them. We nearly burst out laughing when one of the girls said “Tim, that was really an excessively long hug don’t you think?”. Then there was the enigmatic Dutchman who was a direct Jandek lookalike (with hat), and a middle aged guy in a full modern busness suit and spectacles who kept would occasionally shout out to the bands. A proud father of one of the Registered Nurse folk perhaps? I’m becoming spoiled by the smoke-free Northcote Social Club thesedays, because it felt like the smokiest gig of my life. Registered Nurse spent an eternity between songs tuning down their guitars and trying to be rockstars, and they were a bit disappointing really. Finally, the moment we’d been waiting for arrived, the Pink Stainless Tail hit the stage, headed by that same psychotic Mark.E.Smith character from earlier on. It was unbelievable. He was Timothy Leary, John.Cooper Clarke and John Lydon all in one – backed by a competent bunch of guys who played simple plain tunes. We lasted 5 songs and I was just knackered so we bailed. Got home, showered and washed my hair, lay down and prepared for the morning headache (which never did come). Why didn’t I buy their latest CD for that paltry $7?