Green clouds

We started our last holiday before Easter with a mini-disaster. I left a bag full of electronica behind in the bedroom and only discovered the fact about an hour or two out of Melbourne. Since we had to drive to Sydney that day, I wasn’t going back, but drats – no camera, laptop or phone charger on a 2 week trip. Our phones were only lasting about 2-3 days of charge time anyway, so in Penrith we got two free 5MP cameraphones on our $19 plans and used them instead. I’ll say now that a 5MP cameraphone is NOT a 5MP camera. Not even close.

The images are ok-ish and perfect for blogs. I wanted something I’d have on me all the time for when CRAZY SHIT happened so I could snap it. Strangely enough, staying in nice 3 star accomodation and B&Bs did not produce a lot of the crazy stuff. So there are plenty of boring ones – but today I found a couple worth highlighting – even if taken through smudgy car windows.

Ever heard of green cloud? If you search the net for it, you find that there’s scientific evidence that it is not reflected grass or foliage that causes it, but it’s a weird sunlight reflection angle thing, and it only happens in extreme thunderstorms. Most of the photos on the net are terrible, but this time I got a couple of (low-quality) beauties as we drove home from NSW. Take a look at this little ripper (p.s yeah it absolutely pelted down, but we missed the bulk of it).

2 thoughts to “Green clouds”

  1. “I left a bag full of electronica behind in the bedroom”

    How did that affect your DJ Set?

  2. It shows how out of touch with modern terms I am, that I thought a DJ set was some like a drum kit, instead of the “songs” a DJ played. Crickey.

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