Laughing Clowns

Last Friday, a mere 12 hours before what was to be my sickest day in the past 5 years (stomach bug), I saw 1980s band Laughing Clowns at the East Brunswick Hotel.

I see bands so infrequently (and pay for them months in advance) that it’s always a delight. I was also happy to find that some earplugs I’d brought along weren’t needed. As with other bands I’ve seen recently (i.e Moffs / Bats) I found myself in a warm affectionate haze seeing a group of older musicians onstage who have known each other for ever, very aware that this might be the last of the reunion gigs, and happy to banter a little. As with all good gigs, I never found myself looking at my watch or praying they didn’t come back on for a second encore. It was short and sweet and getting late, so let’s just get out of here. I had enough beers to be persuaded to buy a $10 bootleg CD at the desk afterwards, and was served by Ed Kuepper himself. He was as modest as I’d hoped in person.

 I had a lovely time and so did my mate Jonas. If only my camera batteries had worked, you wouldn’t have to put up with this awful photo from my phone.