The kooky and slightly lonely world of console gaming

Slowly those gaming podcasts wore me down with their talk of Xbox Live, the PSN, the trophies, the exclusive titles and most importantly, the playing on the couch.

I don’t know what it is about gaming on my PC, but I simply can’t do it without getting restless about checking my RSS reader, my guild’s website or thinking about how my auctions are going on WoW. Plus, I pretty much sit on 3 cushions and a phonebook to get myself to the required height, and my arse lets me know about it after a few hours.

It was that damn Ben saying how amazing Uncharted 2 was, and my 43rd birthday which made me flip and convince an unwilling partner that I needed technology for a present this year. And suddenly I feel like a goofy 24 year old minus the beanbag, except I have barely any idea how things work or why I am heading down this path.

That thing below the "ON" in Sony is actually a really important button

First impressions are that the PS3 looks cooler than a Wii or an Xbox. Especially the Slim that I got – things are dull black and minimalist, but the controller (that silly spidery-looking thing you hold) is quite a puzzle. Whoever thought of those dumb symbols X, Triangle, Square and O? And the way to turn the unit on or off, or go to the menu is a little thing in the very centre that I thought was only a decorative sticker. But the wireless stuff was easy to setup and my 32″ TV looks really crisp – a lot better than I feared.

After fluffing around with an on-screen keyboard only slightly less painful than SMS’ing on a mobile phone, I’m now on the Australian Playstation Network with a gamer name of “grenache-dfv”, except all this is fairly useless because the interaction is terribly clunky. I miss the immediacy of Ventrilo, and since my only friend so far “morrie23” – a guy in my WoW guild, hasn’t got any of the games I have, there’s sorta no point.

Water solidifies the lava. The littler miners can be saved!

I’m looking forward to getting a second controller so Kim and I can muck around a bit, but so far Pixeljunk Shooter has been loads of fun, and Heavy Rain is waiting till I have a few solid hours on the weekend to start. And I have 5 PSN trophies already which is worrying because it might turn out like a whole new “WoW achievement” obsession again.

And I now have a gamertag!

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  1. Over summer I managed to help someone fix their PS3 while they were at work, but only after I too discovered that there was actually a button under that logo. It set me back a good half hour.

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