Experiment part 4

Been a few months now and in between ditching Facebook for Google Plus and then mostly ditching that too, life chugs on. I pay for my domain so it seems a waste to throw pics into an app that will probably be gone soon anyhow.

Following along the social media self promotion trail (skip ahead if you like), I fleetingly achieved a longish term WoW goal last night to be ranked in the top 200 for my class worldwide in a boss fight. There are plenty of qualifiers around that, but I console myself knowing that it is fiercely contested and that even by this morning I found myself bumped off the top 200 list by overnight challengers. But, I still have the screenshots to prove it.

That’s me – Prosecco


There is little to say about the new guild except people seem less tolerant than before, now that we are doing all heroic Tier 12 content. The guild leader lady continues to be realistic and friendly to me personally, and the raid leader is terrific but pretty much defines the world puerile. The tanks and healers seem on edge…last night was particularly bad..“blow a fucking cooldown or something..stop turning your back to the boss…I dunno!“. Tense times. I have a couple of quiet friendships if you can call them that.  Amazingly I still enjoy it, if at times I want to strangle the annoying priest Bubbaloseven who thinks he’s hilariously funny, but is really just rude and non-constructive. Mostly it’s good, but sometimes I wonder if I’ll log in to raid next week and find the guild disbanded.

An old guild mate from 2007-2008 wrote me an email this week and asked whether I’d heard from the players we used to muck around with then. I listed them out one by one and was shocked to find that nearly all of them had stopped. I know exactly what that says about me, but I am unrepentant! Next post is non-WoW I promise.