Experiment part 5

I just had to post an update to last week’s story, as some guild drama apparently erupted over the weekend.


Unbeknownst to most, a small subgroup of elite raiders had a private channel where they would type out nasty insults about other players, their abilities or generally vent frustrations. I don’t know how long it had been going on for, but eventually the guild leader got a hold of some vitriolic screenshots of the chat channel and was horrified. She’s declined to pass on specifics (damn it!) J but it’s very nasty stuff that was quite a contrast to the tense jokey stuff we would hear people say. It’s always been competitive guild, but even terrific people were being trashed and undermined.


So, the Guild Leader told the Main Tank, his girlfriend the healer, the excellent raider leader and a few others to leave. They lost 3 of the 6 healers. I would love to know how this went down, as it would have been quite a difficult to do, but somehow they all bailed, taking various friends with them. Sensing a demise, or at least a big slowdown in raid progression, a fairly decent officer bailed also to join them, not knowing that he himself had been mercilessly trashed by the very people he was siding with. Oh dear.


So, what happens next? Some fairly civil forum posts, no dirty laundry and now a fair panic about reassembling a 25 man raid being 8 people short, and the hunt for a new Raid Leader. In a serious raiding guild, if you stop for even 2 weeks, people will jump ship which has a snowballing effect. So, the recruitment drive is on – let’s see what happens next.

3 thoughts to “Experiment part 5”

  1. What guild are you with now (And server for that matter)

    Cory’s current raiding guild is shitting me to tears. It might include one of my dearest RL friends but it’s getting to the point where its just not enough anymore. Cory might be able to DPS but he’s a much happier person to be around when he’s Tanking or Healing in raids

  2. The pics will leak once Assange gets hold of them. I feel a bit sorry for the “decent officer”.

    I certainly don’t miss guild drama. And I was never even in a “serious raiding guild”.

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