Beginning again


Just over two weeks ago I returned for a delicious day-long glimpse of Melbourne from an outsider’s viewpoint. I just love how you see things freshly after an absence. And it wasn’t all flattering stuff this time around – the grass was already browning off in October (what a terrible summer it’s going to be), and people seem less polite socially than many places in Europe. Still, it’s wonderful to be home.


I’ve already gone back on some minor promises I made to myself – the Sudoko book has been chucked into a bag, no longer as vital now I have computer access. I’ve only read half a book since returning. I restarted playing World of Warcraft, though not as often, and somewhat shockingly decided not to buy the expansion “Wrath of the Lich King” (terrible name I reckon) that is coming out later this week – well, not for awhile till I’ve freshened up.


The photos from Europe, although terrific, have been burned to DVD and thrown into a drawer – a burst of artistic (?) energy going into the framing and placement of 20 small prints / cards instead. I’ve ridden to work on my bike 4-5 times now. I went into the city with Kim and bought some “zines” which were terribly disappointing. But sadly, it already feels like Europe is a bit of a dream. The wonderful surprise was that it really wasn’t as expensive as I thought to visit. All up I spent less than 10k for the trip, and because 3k of that was pre-paid, the housing loan didn’t skyrocket like I expected. I could do this every year!


I’m planning to blog a lot more now – I needed to write a “first post” to get me started and then it flows better I find. There will be some news on our new chair and my old collecting hobby next, once I can upload a photo or two.