So busy… read Ash`s blog instead!

It`s been busier than we anticipated on the road – taking train trips every few days and only really settling for a day and a half before moving on. We have some regrets in that area already, but the show must go on. Internet access has been harder to come by than we thought, and when we do find it, it`s in tiny grotty little booths that don`t exactly encourage thoughtful writing or any lingering. These foreign keyboards make it slower to make posts also. In summary – most of my travel writing has been in a small diary. Ash is the one who seems to be able to capture pictures and write quick summaries, so for any updates, may I suggest you click here. He has some terrific commentary and pics posted already, and even a YouTube video! The man is a snoring marvel.

In summary, we`ve travelled from Leipzig to Dresden, then to Prague in the past week and late last night arrived in Bern, Switzerland for a few days. Things are so clean and tidy here. There is mass proliferation of wurst and waffels everywhere, and the seamless mixture of French, German, Swiss and even Italian blows our minds, and makes us feel like the language heathens that we are. Tommorrow we plan to go see the Paul Klee museum and Albert Einstein`s house. And then at night maybe a daring train trip to Dudingen to see an instrumental band called Caspian. Already we are making plans for a late night taxi back to Bern if they play too late and we miss the train connections. Then in the morning, it`s a short alpine train journey up to Inverlaken and beyond, into Heidi territory.  So – plenty of stuff to look forward to. We are especially looking forward to a time about 48 hours from now when we will actually be able to sleep in separate beds, when in Bologna, Italy. Luckily, up until now, they have been queen sized and with two single duvets.