Back to 25 man raiding again

It’s been a few weeks, but boy it was nice to get back to killing bosses again tonight.  We decimated Festergut in a single attempt (where I broke my record for single target dps, even taking into account the 15% zone buff) and then went on to try a brand new boss.

Double figures feel so sweet!

Valithria Dreamwalker is a green dragon who needs to be healed from 50% health to 100% health to win the encounter. So, it’s exactly the opposite of a normal WoW fight. This time, the heroes of the encounter are the healers, who have to go into tiny portals and gather clouds of “goop” which magnify their heals, so that by the end of the encounter, they need to have healed the dragon around 10 million health in about 7 minutes max. In the meanwhile, the other 22 people in the raid stand around and try and fend off all sorts of waves of nasties who spawn more quickly as the fight progresses. If you don’t do them in the right order, or you forget which ones explode upon death, your group of players will die very quickly.

I’m very pleased to be able to link a Youtube video from tonight’s first ever kill of this boss by our guild. It was done on our 9th (and last) attempt. Our first try, we got the boss to 59% before dying, then 66%, then we had 3-4 mid 70%s attempts.

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