Tonight I killed the Lich King in a 25 man raid

And shook like a leaf for 15 minutes afterwards. To be honest, I had been pursuing this outside my guild for the past 4-5 weeks because I knew with the coming Cataclysm expansion, not many people would ever want to do this tricky fight again at the 25 man level. Even at level 85.

I’m not sure what to say – I’m still on a high. I beat the end boss of World of Warcraft. I luckily got in with a good raid leader who had a number of solid players on alts from Epic Fail, and who filled the other half of the raid out with people who had the achievement or had done 11/12 of the ICC bosses before. I was second on damage for the fight, so I swear I wasn’t carried! 🙂

For some reason my achievement screenshotter didn’t activate – nor did the guild Achievement broadcast – so I didn’t get to show off in-guild. Lots of things are buggy right now in WoW. But I have the Kingslayer title now. I can relax a bit and enjoy Blizzcon.

I will now attempt to sleep.

5 thoughts to “Tonight I killed the Lich King in a 25 man raid”

  1. So happy for you man. I know how bad you wanted that.

    Although based on the performance on Friday, I have high hopes for a guild kill.

  2. Oh I want to see it done on 10 man also – I’ll be there for sure – thanks Dougy! We have 7 weeks.

  3. Phew… another WoW obsession completed!.. we can all rest easy now..well… until the next one

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