Before I forgot, I figured I should jot down a few things about Blizzcon. We hosted up to 10 WoW-player friends at our place a few weeks back for a 6 person sleepover, mainly to watch a live pay-per-view media stream from a gaming conference in Anaheim. Once we sorted out a few technical problems, and snuggled into a favourite beanbag or couch, I’d say it was quite a successful and fun couple of days.

If I could summarise I would say:

* No major or exciting WoW announcements.

* We drank a little more than we should and stayed up too late, making the early morning starts a killer.

* We barely left the house but for a dog-walk or so.

* The sessions started at 5am, and it was nana-nap time at 2pm.

* Oui had a birthday.

* We found out that all the women were exceptional Rock Band singers and I got 15 Rock Band PS3 trophies because of them. And some nice guitar and drum work.

* Sunday morning was a relaxed pajamas only affair and it felt like sleeping over my parents place all over again.

* Oui wanted to adopt Chloe and Fergus and take them home.

* Everyone loved the Costume contest and thought that Red Shirt Man was awesome.

Thankyou everyone for being such nice guests and making our lives as hosts so easy.

To finish off, I will include 2 short videos of instant internet hit Red Shirt Guy from the conference.

Red Shirt Guy hits back at his detractors.

4 thoughts to “Blizzcon”

  1. Hey, thanks very much for hosting us all. Very generous on behalf of both of you. We were just trying to be well-behaved guests. It definitely felt like a kid’s birthday sleep-over. Let us know when you need some more PS3 cheevs.

  2. Ah the memories…

    Oui and I had a fantastic time there and we can’t possibly thank you enough for hosting us while we were there. The company was awesome too!

    Also, Oui has been at me constantly about getting a dog since we got back and now uses the photo I took of him holding Chloe as his Facebook profile picture.

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